Less time looking for clients.

More time helping them transform.

You followed your dream and mission to help others. You’ve been there, done that, got the degrees, certifications, and awesome initials at the end of your name.

You did it for one reason: to help others succeed, breakthrough limitations, and influence their industries (or the world?) for good.

But something went wrong.

Along your journey to help others, you forgot about making a living. Sure you have had success on this path, but clients aren’t lining up to your door . . . at least, not yet.

You wanted to make a difference, but how much time and money have you already wasted on hacks, strategies, tactics, and the latest “guaranteed” digital marketing cure-alls?

All of this when what you really want is to spend most of your time helping clients get breakthroughs and see transformations in their lives and businesses.

I can help.

There is ONE THING that most coaches and consultants fail at even if they’re using the “right” strategies

The fastest way to get a full book of clients is to stop doing what you’re doing and get this ONE PIECE of your foundation RIGHT

Learn how to stand out from the crowd and engage your clients in a new way, you end up wasting less time on tech and ineffective marketing and more time making an impact

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20 Years in Business & Writing

Here’s my story. I spent my whole life chasing other people’s definition of success all while ignoring my core passions of writing and helping people. As a result, I started multiple businesses, trying to earn a living without having clarity about what I offered.

Along the way, I learned about marketing, psychology, and continued to sharpen my writing and communication skills.

But because I was unclear on my own mission, I got poor results, tried to appeal to too broad a section of clients, and failed to generate enough cash flow. I tried blogging, content marketing, interviews, and Facebook ads thinking the “next thing” would be what I needed.

Fortunately, my personal development was impacted by life coaches, speakers, books and programs, bringing me from a deep depression to the success I enjoy tin many life areas today. When I finally got clarity in my career, things aligned, and I saw how everything is connected by story. It’s the story that most people struggle with–the story of their business identity and the story they tell both themselves and their potential clients about the value they offer.


“James is an amazing writer and taught me so much about business and life.”

Jim O'Brien

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Ideas and Meanderings: Branding, Writing, & Life

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