When my father was a boy growing up in Rhode Island, he’d often find himself in a row boat along the shoreline looking for all manner of shellfish–steamers, quahogs, and even the occasional lobster.

One day, while a few hundred yards from the beach, a summer storm kicked up. He and my grandfather were in the shallows, and the waves from Narragansett Bay mercilessly rolled in on them.

“Row toward the waves!” my grandfather yelled.

My dad thought this was insane, but not wanting a whooping, he did as told. Wave after wave crashed over the bow drenching both them and their gear, but the boat stayed upright. The storm passed, the shallows calmed, and they eventually made it back to shore.

When storms hit, such as the current coronavirus pandemic, it seems counter-intuitive to move into troubled water. However, turning and heading for safe harbor now can cause a small business to capsize quickly.

Be prudent, but now is not the time to hunker down and wait it out. Waiting out a summer storm is one thing–it passes within minutes. Waiting when you have no idea how long that wait will last can be excruciating.

Be quick. Be decisive. Heed the advice of health professionals. But don’t back down.

Others are taking cover leaving plenty of succulent shellfish for those who know how to handle the waves. Now’s the time to pivot your offerings and position your coaching, speaking, or small business for the new normal.

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